Monday, May 23, 2016


We finally can show some selfies, Hooray!
Furst a double one:
Taken from afar...and in bad light...

But is a better double one, MOL!

We are just a bit sleepy...
Time fur MJF
He is sleepy too...

Did you need me??

Here is Minko:
Not impressed...
But he is intrigued by something interesting!
And Pipo:

A sneaky picture of Pipo begging fur a belly rub...its fuzzy cause  it was taken with the zoom...poor lighting didn't help, MOL!

Pipo on the dining room table? Hey, that is not allowed...

He went back to his nest, MOL!

Our springtime yard is pretty too:

Our dogwood blooming; the first time it has been this pretty:)

Dogwood...but it doesn't bark evfur, BOL!
All the blossoms are gone from the cherry tree and it has leafed out. The dogwood is in front of it.
Random grape hyacinths.

This purple lilac has been in our yard as a transplant from Pawppy's yard where he grew up, but this year it actually made some flowers! Hooray!

Wild columbine.
Columbine selfie, MOL!

Squirrel dudes are good fur something...these are oak the petcretary is keeping them until we decide where they need to be permanently.
And still watching...

Running to greet growlmy! I can still run like the wind when I am not too wobbly:)
We are in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop; Hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Dear Mr Freckles, I would like your permission to use a very lovely photo of you holding an ice-cream on a book cover. I am a human writer and saw your photograph on Dogster. If it is you in the photograph I'd be very honoured if I could use it? I'd be delighted to hear from you or your petcretary. Hope you're having a lovely day with some great walks and snoozes. All the best, Sam Maxfield

    1. I will send you an email soon if you can put your email address here...
      You no longer can access the picture in Dogster because my account went from a plus account to a regular one, now all my pictures are hiding. But I can send you the original JPEG image. Its from 2011 I think. Is this going to be a children's book?

  2. What a wonderful smorgasbord of photos. Your yard is very pretty as well. Seeing MJF running was wonderful. Our squirrels help us grow oodles of sunflowers, which is what we feed them and the birdies. Thanks for being hoppers and friends. We hope to see you dressed up for Whitley. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Thanks!
      Years ago a squirrel planted us a sunflower plant too, and it grew to be really tall...and it fed lots and lots of birdies!

  3. All your photos and selfies are lovely. Your garden looks beautiful.

  4. total lee awesum selfeez guys !!! even de one bye de flowerz awesum ~~~~ :)

    N way kewl oh de squirrelz ta help out bye given ewe sum treez......bout time...
    he coulda been vizshuz we guess !! ♥♥♥

    1. Hi, Tabbies!
      Those varmints also planted lots of walnut trees...those were not salvaged, MOL! They are the messiest trees and we have way too many already. Oaks are way nicer.
      At least that is what pawppy told us:)

  5. You really got me there on the Columbine Selfie, Pipo, Minko and Mr JF. Your Selfies are all purrfect again and your tree is so beautiful. Have you ever climbed it? Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

    1. MOL!!
      We kitties have not climbed the tree, but MJF has! And our unfurbros as well, MOL!

  6. Luv da selfies! And your flowers are so pretty!

  7. We like the new site with you and the kitties too!

  8. Sorry I am late for your selfies. You all look great. Your yard is so nice with all those beautiful flowers too.

    1. Late is better than not at all:))

      Thank mew for stopping in visit:)

  9. Thanks for getting back to me! My email is:
    It's not a children's book.It is a comedy novel set at the English seaside. It has been already been published with a previous cover but I'm looking to update. I'd be happy to send you a book if you're prefer to check it out first. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sam

    1. OK.
      I just sent you an email with those pictures.