Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! A New Beginning On Selfie Sunday!

The Petcretary at 9 months with her Opa and Oma

Today we are starting our combined blog, Yippee! Less work meowmy/growlmy thinks and hopes...and now she will be known as petcretary or if we are just blogging about kitties or doggy, then she will keep her old moniker, tee-hee! Maybe we will just start calling her, that is too long...Hu-mum...maybe...we don't know! Any suggestions?
...sheesh, she is crazy, just plain old Mum would suffice we think...what about you?

We might use our old separate blogs if we have something impawrtant to tell you, but most likely those blogs are now in 'sleeping mode'.

we will start with Dog-Guy today...aka Mr Jack Freckles...aka MJF:

Hi, Growlmy!


Happy Mother's Day, Growlmy; I love you!!
And now WeBees will show their selfies...and they made some together ones too:)
Pipo was not the most cooperative...and Minko was not at his posing best either...but they made do, Tee-Hee!
She is going to disturb us...

I was napping in this nice sunpuddle


I know, Minko...she wants to interrupt our sunbathing time...

We just won't look, MOL!
Well, maybe...
I guess so...
Its for a spawsial occasion...
But I am sooooo sleepy.....
I really just want to...
Hey, she put nip in here...
She did what??
Well, what nerve, that is a dog-guy rose(toy).
Are you kidding?
And now she wants me to make a selfie with that?? Well, maybe...
Um...well, if she puts the camera away after that...
Hi, Meowmy!
Happy Mother's Day, Meowmy! We love you!!

And since it is Mother's Day...Petcretary found a very old picture she had scanned...its of  her and her Mum, our Oma...from way early 1955, when Petcretary was a wee one! We think it qualifies as a selfie, so its our blog hop image!!

Circa late 1954 or early 1955 ~ The Petcretary and her Mum

This Mother's Day Edition of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Crikey ..... how good is this??? I sure hope Growlmy/Meowmy had a nice Mothers day. I Love the pictures of her as a litte bub. What a cutie, aye?? I'll always think of your Mum as Growlmy or Meowmy so my suggestion is she just be plain old Mum when talking about all of you but keep the Growlmy and Meowmy too for when the post is just about one of you. I think it's much better to share your blogs. After all you share your house so why not your blogs. Much better for your Mum too. You kitty cats sure make Meowmy work hard to get you looking at her for a photo, aye?? Not you Mr JF Sir ..... You're ALWAYS obliging!! Looking good ..... ALL of you!!

    1. Hi Charlie!
      We kitties here think that camera thing is blech!
      Doggy thinks its fum cause he's treat motivated:)

  2. We love all the pictures, especially your mum at an early age :)
    Nice to have one blog to see every kitty and woofie too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. Thanks! Its for sure a lot easier to only have one blog.

  3. We love all the pictures, especially your mum at an early age :)
    Nice to have one blog to see every kitty and woofie too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Hu-mum has a nice ring to it. I just call mine the peep. MOUSES!


    1. The peep, Tee-hee!
      Maybe Unfur-mum might work, too:)

  5. Your sure do have a nice new format and your blog looks great.
    WE hope your Hu-Mum had a terrific Mother's Day!

  6. Luv all da selfies, includin' yer Growlmy's.... da combined blog looks great!

  7. They are such special pictures, thanks for sharing on this Special Sunday. looking forwards to your new combined blog page... purrs ERin

    1. Thanks Erin. We hope to have lots of blog postings happening here, over a long, long time.

  8. Great photos of all of you including your Mom as a baby. I like it when you call her
    Meowmy :)Happy Belated Mother's Day to your Meowmy!

    1. Thanks, Miss Ellen!

      Of course Meowmy would be your fave, Tee-hee!

  9. We have an Oma too! Wow! It was nice to see you all on the same page and look forward to seeing more! Good luck!

    1. Thanks!
      The petcretary grew up with 2 Opa's and 2 Oma's! Her peeps were from The Netherlands.
      And even though there was the 'Big Pond' between our families, we got to see and know them well!
      That picture at the top is her paternal Opa and Oma.

  10. lee awesum fotoz...happee bee lated two yur mom; her wee babee
    fotoz price lezz !!! ♥♥♥

  11. Great selfies! And what a sweet pickshure of your momma and your oma!

  12. Hey there Pipo, Minko and MJF. We like the new bloggie and have signed up so we don't miss a single post. We have a Dad so it was nice to see your Mothers day photos and those of your Mom. It was fun to learn that your Petcretary, which is what we like, had and Opa and Oma cause our Dad did too! Such a small world.
    Purrs and Head Bumps you two and hi MJF
    Timmy and Family

    1. Yup, our petcretary is of Dutch she had 2 of each:)
      Our unfurbros called her pawrents Opa and Oma, too...but pawppy's Mom was called Grandma:)

  13. You all look gawjus. We just got da address of your other blog membered. MOL Oh well. Happy belated Mother's day to your mommy.

    Luv ya'


    1. Thanks, Dezi and Miss Audra!

      That's funny about the old blog address:)
      Well, this one will be learned soon enough...and if you put in the wrong address, we think you will be able to refer to this one from the old one, I think, by going to the 'view my complete profile' button near the top.

      Hope you are safe after all that nasty bad weather you had. We are pawyering fur this bad weather to stop!

  14. We like Mum-to-Furs...unique. Petcretary is good too. We know you'll find just the right name for her. Loved the vintage photos as well as all of yours. Wishing your mum a belated Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for hopping with us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Thanks so much!
      Even now with only one blog we still have not even started our selfies post fur May 15th, Yikes!!

  15. Thanks so much!
    We value your opinion and that of the others too...the petcretary is mulling this ovfur...but we sure hope she doesn't lose any sleep over it, yikes!

  16. Mee-you what furabuluss fotoss Pipo an Minko!! mee all ways tries to look miffed when LadyMum takes out thee cammyra butt mee doess enjoy her flutterin around takin mee fotoss'!
    An Mistur Jack Freckless yur such a nobull doggie boy! Yur Mumma must love you toe-tally because yur so-o sweet an kind!
    An say that iss a kewl 1955 foto! Mee LadyMum was born thee end of 1955; shee sayss it was a BERRY GOOD year ;)
    Happy Beelated Mumma'ss Day!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

    1. Hmmm, that means our petcretary is about a year more ancient that yours! BOL/MOL!